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Heron Rock is a multi-family office investment platform for entrepreneurs to invest in and support other entrepreneurs 

The Heron Rock Fund Platform

Heron Rock is an investing platform designed to be the preferred choice by entrepreneurs who are looking to invest their own capital with an experienced and successful fund manager or to receive investment capital and guidance from an individual who aspires to the most trusted and loved early-stage investor by every entrepreneur we invest in.


The funds have been purpose-built to be more aligned between LPs and founders by receiving no recurring management fees, only making money when the investments in our portfolio companies return profits to our investors.


While we will consider investments in almost any part of the World except China, the portfolio is concentrated in North America. Outside of North America, we are most excited about India. Having proactively sought a single investment to gain a better understanding of the market back in 2018, we led the Series B of Jumbotail and our General Partner serves on the Board of the Company.


We are exclusively first-check investors. If you have raised more than $250k from friends and family, you are already “too late” for our Nest Fund, which seeks to be the formative investor in new companies led by entrepreneurs that we are big believers in and in businesses we are personally excited to see become big companies. The only form of solicitation we will review are pitches via direct messages to our General Partner’s LinkedIn profile, and interested LPs can also make contact there. All emails and any press inquiries of any kind will be ignored. 


Because we invest at the very beginning stage, prior to any validation of an idea, we only expect one to three new investments a year will result in us helping create companies that are big enough to warrant our continued investment of time, energy and capital. In those companies, we seek to be their preferred capital partner through the entire life of the business and almost always play an active role in the boardroom preferring to stay active until the investment exits.

We are extreme generalists and proud of our wilful ignorance to areas in which we have little to no prior industry or technical/scientific knowledge. Indeed, these are most always our best investments. 


We gate our initial investment decision both by whether we want to have a relationship with the entrepreneur for life and whether we believe the entrepreneur can quickly use our capital and advice to build the right foundations by which a very large company can be built. 


The ultimate sign of success for us is that the founders we invest in become investors with Heron Rock. We do not accept institutional capital and only invest on behalf of individuals that we feel share our values. 

Our Values

A belief in our ability and in our responsibility to make the world a better place guides us in what we do.


Transparency, compassion and proactive communication is expected always.


We thrive on constructive feedback. Feedback is iterative and requires measuring progress on improvement.


The fidelity of our relationships matters most.

Our Preferences

We prefer to back first-time entrepreneurs who are single founders and have a strong preference for no team in place when we make the investment.

We bias toward women, people of colour and anyone who has learned to never take any opportunity for granted.

We look for founders who not only have “founder-market fit” but who we believe have the necessary skills that will help them become great CEOs.

We want our founders to own more of their company than us and other investors do at the time of exit. While this is not possible for some scientific endeavours that require significant capital before commercialization, it is certainly possible for any digitally native or largely software-driven business that we fund today and expect our software-focused investments to get to cash-flow break-even as quickly as possible.

We believe capital constraints build better businesses. We only partner with entrepreneurs who prioritize investing our capital in service of the greatest return on investment.

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