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Global Opportunities

We believe that the two dominant economic superpowers over the coming decades will be India and China. We are in awe of the incredible investors who have already built strong networks in China and don't have the resources at present time to become a preferred investor to Chinese-based entrepreneurs.

We believe that there are still at several "made in India, for India" business opportunities and are open to co-leading venture growth rounds for companies we believe have the potential to reshape a core aspect of every day life in India. We are looking to invest in companies who have demonstrated strong growth and repeated utilization over time in a limited geographic area of the country and that have identified sufficient geographic regions that we believe would adopt this new model similarly.

While we are open to similar types of opportunities on the African continent, we are constraining our opportunities to companies that have already proven that they have replicated core success in at least one, if not two countries outside of their country's operating headquarters.

Finally, we believe that especially for consumer brands and services, we are very open to teams who have proven their customer acquisition skills, love of the product and business fundamentals in a different geography and now want to bring that product or service to the United States, but only when the CEO and at least some of the core leadership are willing and able to relocate. We can only be on so many cities in a given year, and thus have to impose real constraints on where we can be to maintain the kinds of relationships we seek to build with each of the leaders we back.

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