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Tom has spent the last twenty years accumulating a mix of product, entrepreneurship and investing experience, building and investing in transformative products and technology.


Amongst a career of early innovations, he is most proud that he helped build one of the first websites used by schools to teach science curriculum online in the late 90s, and in his mid twenties, helped pioneer online based crowdfunding and micro philanthropy. He spent his career as a product-driven entrepreneur trying to marry his understanding of complex systems with his desire to make a positive impact for society.


He started his angel investing career in 2014 after relocating with his family from Canada to the Bay Area. He quickly developed a reputation amongst founders and investors alike for his helpfulness and his ability to connect the right people together at the right time.


He is known amongst his portfolio CEO's and his peers to have an unrelenting passion for helping the people he cares about.

- Stuart Landesberg, CEO co/founder Grove Collaborative
“He has an unwavering, infectious, think for himself conviction that brought out the best in Grove”  
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